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, i'm chris jansing. also the fallout of president obama's health care fix. politically he may have tamped down some of the pressure in his own party by letting americans who have had their plans cancelled keep them. >> what the president did today i think was politically right but in the long run we've got to get away from these junk, inadequate insurance programs. >> republicans still determined to take full advantage of the health care problems will start voting this morning on their own fix. it's called the upton bill. this proposal goes further than letting people simply keep their health insurance plans, it allows everyone to buy those cheaper, but significantly less comprehensive plans, something the administration says will essentially gut obama care. >> the legislative action that is proposed by the republicans through the upton bill is really a trojan horse. they're trying to just get in. their sole purpose for offering this amendment is not to help, it is not to fix the problem. it is to exploit the problem. >> the president will meet with ceos from the insurance industry
. >>> was the obama campaign considering replacing joe biden with hillary clinton on the 2012 ticket? it appears so. in the new book "double down" it's said obama's chief of staff at the time was actively pushing the idea. in the end the research showed it didn't move the polls enough to justify the move. >>> also in that book mitt romney seriously considered chris christie for vice president. the new jersey governor was apparently ruled out because of unanswered questions about his background and, quote, health concerns. >>> there's also new data on the number of people who signed up for obama care on day one. are these numbers a sign of trouble or what was expected? we'll talk about it and what it means for the white house as well as the uninsured and the fight against the rollout with the republican national committee chair, reince priebus, next. when you vote for flo, we'll have discounts. ice-cream discounts. multi-cookie discounts. pizza loyalty discounts! [ kids chanting "flo!" ] i also have some great ideas on car insurance. [ silence ] finding you discounts since back in the day. call or c
-- at an organizing for action event last night, president obama made an election day analogy. >> i have run my last political campaign. but i'll tell you what, i've got one more campaign in me. the campaign to make sure that this law works for every single person in america. >> let me bring in our company. liz sidoti is the national politics editor, alex burns, senior political editor for politico. good morning. >> good morning, chris. >> we're going to keep our eye on this live hearing today, and it's also election day. liz, the president said himself this is going to be his last campaign, selling the health care law. how's he doing so far? >> well, i think he's having incredible difficulty in doing that. i mean his message was fairly strong heading into this as he pivoted off the campaign, but that's all been undermined by problems with the system and also a disconnect between the rhetoric that he said on the campaign trail versus what's actually happening now as folks are watching the impact of the new health care law on their own policies, their existing policies, and we're seeing cancellations
as in illinois. she has an infrastructure left over partly from her run but also from the obama campaign. there are a lot of obama people beginning to creep toward the hillary effort and you saw that she dominates with african-americans. i think that sort of explodes a little bit this myth that because shaquille o'neal did one commercial for chris christie he can magically win black voters. >> every single time we have a presidential race, the look of the electorate is changing and it's going to continue to change. one of the things they're doing at this meeting, ready for hillary, is looking at what they call emerging constituencies, women, african-americans, latinos, the lbgt voter. they have a panel that is what america will look like in 2016. josh, if you look at virginia, for example, as kind of a microcosm of the country, that's going to win or lose this coming 2016 election? >> well, you look at those numbers and that's really how obama won. if it looks anything like that, it's going to be a hillary victory because she has the obama coalition pretty much stitched up. as you say, s
financial committee. the obama administration trying to counter with some positive public relations. the president heading to dallas to thank volunteers who have been helping people sign up for health care. he's also expected to push rick perry and some other gop governors for that matter to expand medicaid. in texas alone, the lack of it has left 1.4 million texans uninsured. >>> and the medicare chief says the website is working better now, able to register 17,000 people an hour. and promises to release the number of people who actually enrolled next week. but that's not soon enough for some republicans. congressman dave camp issued a subpoena for the numbers, demanding them by friday. let me bring in our company. lynn sweet, chicago sun-times bureau chief and perry bacon, political editor for the grio. good morning. we're waiting for this hearing to get under way. kathleen sebelius was very direct the last time she went before the house. she said, look, i take responsibility. we're going to fix this. i'm wondering, lynn, is the real problem going to come if by the end of this mon
sleeping on the floor of his office. to make matters worse, president clinton is giving president obama some unsolicited advice, to change the law in order to keep his promise. if you like your health care plan, you can keep it. >> i personally believe even if it takes a change in the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they got. >> no surprise republicans are jumping on that statement and now even key democratic senator dianne feinstein has signed on to legislation to repair that broken promise. co-sponsoring a bill with senator mary landrieu, another democrat, to let people keep their insurance plans. and at that hearing right now, the house oversight committee, we just heard from the ranking democratic member, elijah cummings, who said nobody in this room, nobody in this country believes republicans want to fix this website. i want to bring in our company, politico's senior political reporter alexander burns, usa today's washington bureau chief, susan page. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start with
of the fence. >> you're darn right that our candidates will run on the advantage that obama care will be going into the 2014 election because the choice will be very clear. >> in response, karl rove, didi wrote today, republicans should play every night that democrats should take their delusional advice. who is right here? debbie wasserman schultz? we don't know. the white house feels fairly confident and quite confident that the website will work for the majority of users to use their language by the end of this month. so we should start to see in the coming days and the next couple of weeks the numbers improve day by day. there ought to be some evidence leading up to the idea that the website's going to work for the vast majority of users and that will be step one and that's important and once people can access the website and they can go in and shop for a better policy and review their options and they can enjoy what subsidies they're eligible for. the rollout could not have gone worse so far, but once the rubber hits the road and people can access the benefits and there may be a lot more t
, president obama says republicans are an impediment to governing. he unveils a new push to get the house to pass a immigration bill. >>> how do you make a movie about one of the greatest civil rights leaders in history? hollywood and capturing nelson mandela's legacy. one of the film's stars and the director will be here. >> the people are angry. >> we are all angry. i am angry! you are angry! but you must show loyalty. loyalty. >> more on the long walk to freedom coming up. good morning, i'm chris jansing. this morning, skeptical republicans and democrats are questioning the big deal president obama made over the weekend to temporarily freeze iran's nuclear program and they're threatening new sanctions that could scuttle the whole thing. >> boy, i'm very, very concerned about the deal. i think this was a deal for the sake of a deal, and i think that's dangerous. it makes the next six months even more difficult. >> i think it bodes a very, very ominously for the region and in fact u.s. security. >> we're sending a signal to iran that they can continue to go ahead and by talking and actin
actually excite that passion among that obama coalition? latinos, african-americans, young people, women. it's not clear to me whether or not she's just a boutique candidate right now. and if she's just a boutique candidate, can she essentially become a super store type candidate in the way that you already see that hillary clinton is, in the way that obama was able to do with that grassroots organization. it's -- you know, i think the big question for democrats right now is that they do seem to have all of their eggs in the hillary basket and on the right you have somebody like chris christie, who is very much a breath of fresh air. i think warren is more of a breath of fresh air, but she is -- i think she's 15 years older or so than chris christie so you wonder if he's going to be able to really capitalize on that. >> listen to us, assuming -- >> assuming that all of these people run, right. that's what we're saying, right, right. >> this piece also talks about warren's persona and there's almost this disconnect. she has not been somebody, jonathan, who's hogging the spotlight. he's no
after severe weather killed six people and left hundreds of thousands in the dark. president obama has been briefed on the situation, and fema deployed teams to the hardest hit areas. we will start in illinois. that's the state that bore the brunt of this. governor pat quinn declared seven counties disaster areas. these pictures are unbelievable. he'll have a news conference to update things 45 minutes from now. he's also touring damage, entire communities flattened. residents have been absolutely overwhelmed. >> i couldn't believe it, matt. i'll tell you, my neighbors' houses, i just couldn't believe it. so, we run around, run to all the neighbors houses looking for survivors. i mean, i just couldn't believe it. i've got cars and trees. i've got -- my '07 gallant's three houses down. >>> meantime in indiana, tornadoes picked up cars and tossed them into a starbucks in lebanon. no one was hurt. but it's now a common sight to see buildings with their roofs torn off. the biggest problem in michigan was flooding. torrential rain made driving incredibly dangerous. also near a uranium enric
they would swap joe biden for hillary clinton. two veteran campaign reporters say president obama saying i just don't know if i can do this, as he prepared for the second debate. let me bring in our company, editor in chief of reason magazine, matt welch and the "washington post" politics reporter, jackie kucinich. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start with chris christie because he's got an election he's almost sure to win tomorrow. he's looking to send a message but as also passed over to be the vice presidential nominee. let me play for you what mitt romney said on "meet the press." >> i know that the vetting people who went through that analysis and put together their report laid everything out, but frankly there was nothing they found that wasn't already part of the public record and that hadn't already been dealt with effectively by chris christie. so there was nothing new there. and chris, by the way, chris could easily become our nominee and save our party and help get this nation on the right track again. they don't come better than chris christie. >> and, matt, these issu
ticked up a notch to 7.3%. jobs are topping president obama's agenda today. right now he's aboard air force one on his way to new orleans where he'll talk about boosting u.s. exports. of course the economy was the number one issue on the minds of voters in new jersey and virginia, as they went to the polls this tuesday. reaction now to today's jobs report from the white house. jason furman is chairman of the council of economic advisers. good morning. good to see you. >> good morning, chris. >> you're smiling. i guess you're happy with these numbers. is it about what you expected? >> you know, you're always happy when the economy is creating jobs. october was more confusing. as you said, you saw job creation but saw the unemployment rate ticking up. i think the thing that was clearest and most exciting to us in these data were that august and september were revised up. it now looks like we were creating about 200,000 jobs a month. so going into the shutdown, the economy was in a stronger place than people thought previously. >> as you well know, the white house put out a report ahead
obama when he decided to run, but is it a lot tougher now, karen, to run for that position? >> i think so. it's a lot tougher in part because again, the republican party is standing with the american people. and the other thing to remember is that governors have sort of a different way of talking. a different way of relating to peop people. they don't get caught up in the minutia and the procedure and the battles that we have in washington that bring things to a standstill and that is why it has, you know, at least in modern history for both parties been much, much easier for someone to get elected as governor than as a senator. >> karen lois, we will get back to you. i want to point out there is another big story coming out of washington today. democratic aides confirming to nbc news that senate majority leader harry reid is getting ready to release so the-called nuclear option this morning. here's how gail collins introduced it in the new york times. the filibuster is, of course, the fascinating tradition, every once in a while the majority gets fed up with the stonewalling and threa
. >> emily, you know the supreme court also deciding to take up a case involving obama care. the question here is whether for-profit corporations with religious owners must provide contraception. now, we already know there are some exceptions f churches and with this institutions. >> this case is separate, like you said, from other groups or businesses that might have religious affiliations. there's actually a separate case involving those kinds of institutions, but that's not as far along in the pipeline as this case is. this case involves secular companies, one of which is hobby lobby, the well-known craft store. another is a cabinet maker owned by mennonites. and the question is do these corporations because the owners have religious affiliations, can they exercise freedom of religion in choosing whether to provide certain types of contraception to their employees. the lower courts are divided on this, and that's why both the government and the companies want the supreme court to decide on this. this is sort of an echo of -- do you remember mitt romney saying corporations are people, m
of controversy in the past. >> let me ask you about obama care if i can. there's a new poll that has record low approval ratings for the president and for the affordable care act. the administration says it's fixed two-thirds of the worst bugs on the website, but i think they say as much as 40% of that project is still kind of being built. how concerned are you that this health care site won't be ready by november 30th? >> they need to get this right and they need to get it right fast. >> what are they telling you? do you have any inside information about where they are that gives you confidence it will be ready? >> i don't have any inside information but i'll tell you what information i do have. while they need to acknowledge weaknesses and deficiencies in this program, we also need to acknowledge the successes. and so, for example, yeah, the website is broken and ait needs to be fixed. but in my district i no longer will have to get a letter from a woman with breast cancer saying that they have been kicked out of their insurance because they had breast cancer. i will no longer have to try and
this month the white house said president obama supports the fair minimum wage act to $10.10 an hour. how could that hike make a difference? >> well, i think one of the disgraces that we have is that people who are making a minimum wage just can't make ends meet. and it's just like the congress tried to cut $40 billion out of the food stamps program. most of the people are getting these food stamps and are actually working. i think if someone is duly employed and goes out every day and is not looking for a handout, we ought to pay them a livable wage where they can afford to live and feed their family. i think this is a very, very real problem, particularly when you have high cost of living areas like my own area of new york, you're making minimum wage. you simply cannot make ends meet. >> so the way a lot of people make ends meet is food stamps and they help to feed one in seven americans. right now those folks on food stamps are waiting to hear how much they'll be cut. as you well know this is the central issue in negotiations over the farm bill. the house wants to slash nearly $40 bill
. president obama gave the word to honor in his words an extraordinary public servant. members of the kennedy family left flowers at the arlington national cemetery this morning. this afternoon 5,000 people will gather to pause for a moment of silence, a moment that marked every american alive. it changed the nation and some believe took its innocence. we'll talk to a nurse who was inside the e.r. when the president was brought in and ask questions of our panel, including where were you, how did it change us. that's coming up. >>> but we want to begin with the big news out of washington today. democrats in the senate doing something unprecedented, changing the filibuster rules so only a simple majority is required to confirm most presidential nominees. democrats say they had no choice if anything was ever going to get done. >> what could they do more than what they have already done to stop the senate from legislating. >> dysfunction is their goal and they have been achieving it a lot recently. >> i have also been around long enough to know this is an entirely new level of obstruction. >> wel
, president obama heckled over deportations at an event in san francisco, but when it comes to immigration, he's now supporting a piecemeal approach to get something done. >>> and just in time for thanksgiving, a $5 billion cut to food stamps, but republicans want even deeper cuts to the farm bill. something else congress cannot agree on. >>> good morning, i'm chris jansing. right now president obama is finding it hard to get the conversation away from controversy. this week's west coast swing was supposed to highlight immigration and the economy. instead, he's pushing back against criticism of the temporary deal struck to freeze iran's nuclear program. >> we cannot close the door on diplomacy, and we cannot rule out peaceful solutions to the world's problems. we cannot commit ourselves to an endless cycle of conflict. and tough talk and bluster may be the easy thing to do politically, but it's not thing for our security. >> but a couple of key democrats are pushing a vote on new, even tougher sanctions on iran. senate majority leader harry reid indicated it's something the senate will conside
and amanda and switch gears and talk about obama will care because there was a big meeting over obama and what's been going on and that has a big potential to be a political problem indicated hooz a little bit worried about his job. take a listen. >> i've been pretty vocal about the concerns i've had. they've heard me more than once on this issue so it was good to have an opportunity to talk to the president. spoo bo >> bob, if you were a fly on the wall, how can you imagine that conversation went? >> i think the president must have been pretty uncomfortable. democrats in the house and senate do have reason to be concerned with the off-year elections coming up. not only has this -- has the rollout been disastrous, but republicans are just going to be pounding that theme of the president saying to the country if you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan. you will hear that until you're sick and tired of it and people respond to that on a visceral level because there was no wiggle room in it. so the democrats have to worry about the botched rollout and then you h
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)